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Counseling with Bob Pelosi

The counseling relationship is a unique, special and privileged one that is structured specifically for the benefit of the client. In a good counseling relationship, the well-trained and professional counselor is able to assist the client to develop insights into their own behaviors, to address their difficulties, and to manage their symptoms. Counseling is about getting better, bringing forward the very best you that you can be. It requires honor, trust and hard work for both the therapist and the client.

We use an innovative "outreach" model of counseling here. That means that many of our clients are seen not at the office, but at home, school, group home or other suitable location. The old time practice of house calls is alive and well at Southern Vermont Special Services.




At the beginning of the process of psychotherapy is the diagnosis. Treatment can only be effective if the client's difficulties are properly diagnosed. That's why you will notice that the first few sessions with Bob are filled with many more questions than answers. It usually takes a few sessions to reach an accurate diagnosis and a plan for treatment. Most folks want to begin right away on treatment, and it's important to remember that we've got to get a good handle on the problem before we actually begin to treat it. That way, Bob, the client, and often the client's family, can work together toward common goals.

So we start out with questions, diagnostic interviews, and sometimes some formal testing to determine exactly your needs. Often during this phase, you will meet with an intern at Bob's office. That intern and Bob work together along with the supervision team to collect and diligently review all your diagnostic and treatment plan information in order to reach the best targeted plan for your treatment. Doing it this way means that we often consult on your case with a team of experts. It's a great way to assure that you are getting the best and most appropriate services for your needs.

As well, during that phase, we begin to work on establishing a good, open and honest dialogue about the issues at hand. Honesty is key, and always within the context of a very confidential professional relationship. Bob is bound by a very strict Code of Ethics that will be explained to you at the first or second session. The law is very clear that your personal information may not be released (except in very specific legal circumstances) without your written consent, or that of your guardian if you are under 18.




Diagnosis and TreatmentOnce we have reached a diagnosis and a plan, the active phase of treatment begins. That's the time at which we actively work on addressing your issues and concerns. It's the time we work together on beginning t make changes with a goal of improving your quality of life and satisfaction with your world. Sometimes, that means addressing the damage done by trauma so that the client can heal and be emotionally healthy again. Sometimes, it means working with a team to help a child or adolescent be less out of control and have a more productive or less disrupted life experience. Counseling can be many things to many people.

Psychology is a very broad discipline. Not all therapists can, or should, treat all disorders and conditions. Here, we're pretty specialized in the people and conditions we treat. In particular, Bob offers:

Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment Planning - Initial Diagnosis of most psychiatric disorders, with consultation and referral as needed. After about 6 sessions, we'll let you know whether we believe it's in your best interests to remain in counseling here, or whether a clinician with another specialization may be more in your interests.

Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Issues - Including acute trauma and early trauma, stress management, recovery from the death of a loved one, personal tragedy, domestic abuse or interpersonal violence.


Child and Adolescent and Young Adult Issues - Bob specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of youths and young adults with moderate to severe behavioral issues, as well as the effects of multiple disabilities on children. Working with their families and care providers, Bob treats kids and families who are experiencing difficulties managing violent or impulsive behaviors, adjustment problems, school and social difficulties and more. The major portion of our clients fall into this category.

Adoptive, Foster Care and Attachment Concerns - Many of our clients are kids who are adopted or in foster care, or who have had lives disrupted by family crisis. Bob is particularly experienced in the treatment of childhood and adolescent disorders, disruptive behavior disorders, reactive attachment disorders, etc.

Coordination of Treatment with Other Providers - Sometimes, a client requires the involvementof various treatment providers. It is always our pleasure to work with your treatment team that may include a doctor who prescribes your medication, a school IEP team, rehab counselors, legal guardians, the court, probation department, etc.



Developmental ModelIn the old days, people tended to be in weekly therapy for years and years. We don't believe in that here. Rather, Bob uses a "developmental model" of treatment. That means we work on resolving your immediate concerns with a goal of reducing your therapy as quickly as we can. When the time comes to reduce or end the treatment for your current concern, your case stays open for one year from the last contact. Often, we will reduce to monthly sessions, slowing down to quarterly. After that, one session per year keeps your case open and offers a way to check in. If concerns pop up at any time as you walk the path of your life, we might schedule some sessions to address that particular concern. In other words, counseling here resembles your relationship with your family physician . . . an annual (mental health) checkup plus more intensive assistance when you need it.





Most services with Bob may be covered by your health insurer. Vermont Medicaid and Doctor Dynasaur are accepted, as well as many private insurers. Ask for specifics.

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